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UI Changes

The user interface of Fluent Cloud is very US Centric. Which presents a few annoyances, and one potential safety issue with regards to E911

a. Time zone dropdown in location details form. Why is there a dropdown menu with 1 item to choose? If there isn’t a choice why present one to me? Given the choice I would like to see Canada added to the list, however if that isn’t possible then remove the dropdown. It’s an automatic value.

b. Consistency. Why do you have different time zone formats depending on where you are in the user interface? In the location details form you use TZ format and Standard time format (GMT) then in the extensions form you only offer UTC format. While not a severe issue it could lead to a confusion in the data. Also, if you are going to use TZ format you should offer all of the relevant North America options, not just US/America option

c. Extensions require Locations, and Locations require Addresses. How do I provide a location to a mobile user that is in a different City, State/province, or even country on a weekly basis?

2) Potential Safety (E911)

a. Location details form truncates postal code to 5 characters. US ZIP codes are 5 numeric characters, however the canadian equivalent is 6 alpha-numeric characters, in 2 groups of 3. So A1B 2C3 (Not sure if that actually goes anywhere)


I never like to present an issue I have without offering suggestions on how it could be solved. Not knowing your system, it is really a shot in the dark but these ideas are more high level than specific.


 If I understand correctly, an address is only required if E911 is enabled. So Mobile users are not going to have E911 functionality, so why do they need an address? My solution is to make those values optional and hide them unless E911 is enabled, then make them mandatory. Add a country field, the Validation of ZIP/Postal code method can be chosen based on Country.


 Consistency issue, I know everybody has their preferences on how to present data, there are tons of standards documents for the same things it seems sometimes. However, UTC is the front runner in the communications realm. If you want to include the Standard time zones (Eastern, Pacific, Central, and Mountain) Sure, but realize they arent Just US/Pacific, or US/Central. I know its nit picky but it makes the UI more I18N friendly.

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